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Employer Challenges & Solutions

What challenges are employers facing when supporting employees with long COVID?  Please share your experiences, insights, and possible solutions to workplace challenges posed by long COVID, as well as policies or programs to help employers retain employees with long COVID. 

Number of Ideas: 61
Employee Challenges & Solutions

What challenges do employees with long COVID face in the workplace, and how can we help overcome these? Please share your experiences as well as any policies, practices or resources that might minimize employment and financial struggles resulting from long COVID.

Number of Ideas: 98
Informing Stakeholders

Which organizations should be part of developing solutions for those affected by long COVID? Please share national, state and local organizations  representing communities most affected by long COVID and others working on issues related to solving the long COVID workplace challenge.

Number of Ideas: 13
Employee Benefit Challenges

If you are a worker with long COVID, have you experienced challenges in obtaining disability benefits from your employer-sponsored disability plans? If so, what type of challenges are you facing? What reasons are being given for the denial of benefits?

Number of Ideas: 35
Identifying Partners

How can DOL best inform employees and employers about the latest long COVID research, emerging practices and resources? Please share names of blogs, newsletters and other communication channels through which DOL can inform those effected by long COVID.  

Number of Ideas: 18

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